Documents to Bring to Your Appointment

Prior Year Tax Return

Income Information
W-2 forms, interest and dividend income1099 forms, K-1s, pension or IRA distributions forms, brokerage account 1099s and social security forms.

Itemized Deductions
If you are planning to itemize your deductions, bring supporting documentation for medical expenses, tax preparation fees, mortgage interest and home equity loans, real estate taxes, uniforms, charitable donations, unreimbursed job expenses, internet fees, trade journals, travel, and meals.

Provide all dependent’s names (as they appear on their social security card), dates of birth, & social security numbers.

The amount you contributed to a traditional IRA (Form 4598).

Stocks & Mutual Funds
If you sold stocks or mutual funds, please provide the brokerage account 1099 and purchase date and cost for all security sales.

Estimated Tax Payments
If you made federal or state estimated tax payments, bring the cancelled checks.

Moving Expenses
If your move is job related, you can deduct the cost to move your household goods, storage and one trip to your new location.

Dependent Care Expense
Please provide the name of each care provider, their address, federal tax identification number, or social security number, and the amount paid.

Rental Income
If you received rental income, please provide the rental income you received and applicable expenses (i.e. advertising, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, repairs, and condo fees)